Helpful Links and Resources for United States Research

This is a link to Culture Grams. Be sure to click on the United States box.

This is a link to TRUEFLIX. Make sure that you find the United States books.

This is a link to National Geographic Kids’ bird videos. These are the ones that we have been watching in class.

Ducksters is super helpful when you go to research your chosen state.

This is A to Z Kids Stuff. It is very helpful. Make sure you click on the blue links for more information.

The Scholastic Go link is super helpful!!! This site has a tremendous amount of information.  This will be especially helpful once you have chosen your wonders and you need to research them.  When you type in your state into the search bar, a ton of information will pop up and each one links to different articles.  Also, you can do separate researches for each of your wonders.  For example, if you are wanting to learn more about the Statue of Liberty for your man- made structure, you can type Statue of Liberty into the search bar, and lots of resources on that topic will pop up for you.  Try it out!

This link is for Pebble Go.  Right now we have this resource for at least one more week.  Use it while you can!  The username is pgflower and the password is lovetoread.

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