Can We Design Ways to Keep Our Houses Dry During a Flood?



After learning about the floods and mudslides that can happen after hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, 3C was given an engineering challenge to conquer.  Could they design and then build and house with or without a retaining wall in order to keep it dry?  They quickly got to work and excitedly tested their challenges this afternoon.  Here are some photos that they have asked me to share with you.


Happy Thanksgiving, 3C! A few things…

Hello 3C families.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I’ll miss the kiddos this week, and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead, but I’m appreciative that we all get some extra time to spend with our families.  Enjoy every moment!

I am attaching the most recent newsletters digitally in case you’d like to refer to them here.  I do send them home “old school” style inside the Communication Folders each Friday.

I just want to let you all know that I sent home parent teacher conference confirmation notices inside the front of the Communication Folders today, Tuesday, November 20.  I also sent home an updated sign- up for those families that have not been able to send in their choices yet.  That way you can choose from what is still available.

Thank you for all you do!


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Catapult Stem Challenge

 3C worked collaboratively with their peers in order to build a catapult out of pencils, rubber bands, and a spoon.  Once the contraption was built, they flung M&M’s in hopes to reach a target.  After several attempts, they documented the distances the M&M’s traveled and then made changes to their designs in hopes to launch the candies further.  They recorded their data and drew their design plans in their science journals. By the end of the challenge, they all lined up and launched candies at the same time in hopes that our whole class could meet a target that we set up together.

They are their best selves when they get opportunities to build, create, test, and collaborate.  They look forward to their next STEM challenge and so do I!  Way to go, 3C!